It Is becoming Impossible to do Internet Research

Thirty years ago, for a person on the African continent to connect with someone in, for example, Australia, they would have to send a letter that would take many weeks to be delivered. However, these days, connection is as simple as clicking a button. The internet has brought connectivity and made so much possible. It […]

Scammers Target African Journalists with Disinformation on Meta(Facebook/Instagram) Platforms

As journalists across the region continue to face unprecedented attacks on their press freedoms with widespread intimidation, harassment and detention for their work, a new threat looms. African journalists are increasingly becoming a subject of targeted disinformation with deep fakes of journalists’ images being used to spread fake stories and scam people.  An investigation by […]

AI-Generated Misinformation and Disinformation Idea-thon

Help Solve a Major Societal Problem—Bring Your Ideas to Fight Misinformation and Disinformation AI-generated Misinformation and disinformation pose a significant threat to democracy. They are spread by local/foreign state actors, businesses and malign non-state actors bent on undermining and damaging free and liberty-loving republics. A new grassroots strategy is needed: bottom-up rather than top-down. That […]