It Is becoming Impossible to do Internet Research

Thirty years ago, for a person on the African continent to connect with someone in, for example, Australia, they would have to send a letter that would take many weeks to be delivered. However, these days, connection is as simple as clicking a button. The internet has brought connectivity and made so much possible. It […]

Scammers Target African Journalists with Disinformation on Meta(Facebook/Instagram) Platforms

As journalists across the region continue to face unprecedented attacks on their press freedoms with widespread intimidation, harassment and detention for their work, a new threat looms. African journalists are increasingly becoming a subject of targeted disinformation with deep fakes of journalists’ images being used to spread fake stories and scam people.  An investigation by […]

AI-Generated Misinformation and Disinformation Idea-thon

Help Solve a Major Societal Problem—Bring Your Ideas to Fight Misinformation and Disinformation AI-generated Misinformation and disinformation pose a significant threat to democracy. They are spread by local/foreign state actors, businesses and malign non-state actors bent on undermining and damaging free and liberty-loving republics. A new grassroots strategy is needed: bottom-up rather than top-down. That […]

Thraets joins Digital Democracy Initiative

Thraets has joined the Digital Democracy Initiative(DDI), a programme aimed at safeguarding inclusive democracy and human rights in the digital age. It is delightful news to announce that as we set out on a journey to combat digital threats against the truth, democracy, and social unity in the digital age, Thraets will be joining the […]

Thraets Secures Grant to Protect African Elections from AI-Generated Mis/Disinformation

We are thrilled to announce that @Thraets, which was incubated under the Outbox Foundation has been awarded a grant by the Africa Digital Rights Fund (ADRF), managed by CIPESA (the Collaboration on International ICT Policy for East and Southern Africa). This grant will fund our project titled “Safeguarding African Elections – Mitigating the Risk of […]