Thraets joins Digital Democracy Initiative


Thraets has joined the Digital Democracy Initiative(DDI), a programme aimed at safeguarding inclusive democracy and human rights in the digital age. It is delightful news to announce that as we set out on a journey to combat digital threats against the truth, democracy, and social unity in the digital age, Thraets will be joining the Advisory Board of the Digital Democracy Initiative. 

In a world where technology and democracy are increasingly intersecting, the news that Thraets has joined The Digital Democracy Initiative (DDI) is nothing short of exciting and is a game-changer for the future of Digital Democracy.

Ngamita Richard, the Founder and Executive Director of Thraets will join the Advisory Board members of the Digital Democracy Initiative in a move that promises to revolutionize how we engage with governance in the digital age, bringing transparency, engagement, and digital rights to the forefront. 

The Digital Democracy Initiative is a global effort funded by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and the European Union and implemented in partnership with Access Now, CIVICUS, Digital Defenders Partnership and Global Focus. 

Richard highlighted the growing threat of social media influencers being covertly utilized in influence operations and elections across the global south and how pan-Africanist activists and social media influencers, funded by authoritarian regimes as well as foreign countries, are mobilizing citizens throughout these regions.

Ngamita Richard, the Founder and Executive Director of Thraets

DDI’s goal is to support civil society around the world to continue strengthening civic space and promoting inclusive democracy in the digital age through two mutually reinforcing streams: Enable local civil society in the Global South to utilize digital technology to amplify efforts to promote inclusive democracy. (Led by CIVICUS and Global Focus) and Defend and protect civil society and inclusive democracy by promoting stronger rights-focused policies and standards on digital technologies and improved security provision for civil society. (Led by Access Now and Digital Defenders Partnership)

This opportunity serves as a starting point for Thraets to mitigate digital threats, such as synthetic media, surveillance tools, and coordinated or gendered disinformation campaigns before they can be weaponized to destabilize nations.
Learn more about the Digital Democracy Initiative and the Advisory Board here.